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Sarah Maria teaches seminars and leads workshops and retreats to help women learn to love their bodies and themselves.  These retreats are transformative experiences that aim to radically change the way you feel about your body and yourself. 


During these workshops, you will fall in love with yourself!


One Day Seminars

In her day-long seminars, Sarah Maria discusses self-hatred and its effects on our well-being and gives you practical tools to help you feel better about your body.  You will learn how to transform the criticism within yourself into flattery; you will learn how to turn your internal demons into your angels.  You will learn that you are not your thoughts and will begin to shift your awareness to your spiritual self.   


Weekend Workshops

In weekend workshops, you will learn everything in the day-long seminar plus much more.  You will learn Primordial Sound Meditation and begin to develop a more expanded awareness.  You will go through more in-depth exercises to help attack and destroy the negative and critical voices that harass you.  You will spend extended time understanding where your negative patterns have come from, understanding what function they have served, and then learning how to let them go.  You will cultivate a lasting relationship with your spiritual self from which all beauty, all grace, and all strength flows.   


Week-long Retreats

In the week-long retreats, you get to spend more time with all of the exercises and components mentioned above.  In these retreats you are able to cultivate a stronger bond with your spiritual self.  There will be cathartic sessions to eliminate negative patterns, and there will be extensive exercises aimed to awaken our connection to our spiritual essence.  There will be more time for meditation than in the weekend workshop.  There will be daily yoga classes, as well as other movement classes designed to help you befriend your body.  There will also be teachings about Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, and how this system can help us better understand our bodies.  Finally, there will be a large emphasis placed on community.  Sarah Maria believes that an important part of healing ourselves is developing a support community.  Therefore, portions of this longer retreat will be aimed at developing this support network.       


Individual Consultations 

Sarah Maria also offers individual consultations.  Please visit the contact page if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. 



Sarah Maria also works with couples.  She offers individual consultations for couples who feel their relationship is being negatively impacted by negative body obsession.  Couples will learn how to increase one another's self-esteem, while also increasing the intimacy and connection in the relationship.


Note: As a prerequisite to both weekend workshops and week-long retreats, you must learn Primordial Sound Meditation, as originally developed and taught by Deepak Chopra and David Simon, co-founders of the Chopra Center in La Jolla, CA.  The meditation will be taught before the workshop or retreat, or you can learn the meditation technique from a certified instructor in your area before attending.


For schedules, locations, and fees for workshops, seminars, and retreats, please Contact Us

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