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"I have been around the world and have seen just about every speaker and success formula there is to see.  No one compares to Elisabeth Fayt and her Paving It Forward corporate program.  Elisabeth is a speaker that the corporate world desperately needs.   If you are a ready for immediate and long-lasting results, you have found your trainer.  Elisabeth's message is forward-thinking and universal to any business, totally oriented toward catapulting people into action.  As Owners and CEO's, this is what we want---action and results.  The proof is in the pudding.  Elisabeth provides the pudding. 


For even greater impact, choose the combination of a day with Elisabeth, followed up with a copy of her book Paving It Forward for each employee, and just watch what happens to your business.  This program is nothing less than FANTASTIC! Any forward-thinking corporation would be smart to hire Elisabeth and to begin to use her methods right away." 


Frank Maguire, Co-Founder of Fedex


"As my business coach, Elisabeth totally transformed my business model and my financial flow. I've acquired several joint venture partners for million dollar product launches and I attribute the success to Elisabeth's intuitive business coaching."


Shawne Duperon

CEO, ShawneTV


"Our company, along with another organization, hired Elisabeth Fayt to speak to our staff and invited guests on the topic of 'Paving it Forward'.  We sold tickets as a way to generate funds for a charitable organization and our turn-out was fantastic.  Elisabeth was an engaging and inspiring speaker, who got her message across to the audience with great passion, powerful examples and comprehensive actionable tools.  Overall, the event was a huge success and people are still talking about and implementing these tactics on a daily basis!  Thanks for literally changing our lives, Elisabeth!"


Nick Thompson, MAS


Metromedia Marketing Ltd.


"Every now and then you come across a special person that completely fills the bill – this person is Elisabeth Fayt.  Elisabeth has spoken to members of our Team and I know that every person left the room a better human being.  Elisabeth has the means to help people understand their full potential and offers the tools to make it happen.  We will be having Elisabeth in again to join us in the near future to ensure that everyone that walks through our doors has the same great opportunity.  Thanks Elisabeth – it has truly been a pleasure."


Bonnie Patrick, Owner

Smart Home Systems


"Being able to have Elisabeth speak to my team one morning before we opened was one of the most empowering and life changing experiences ever. Her calming voice and encouraging words really allowed us to open up to the universe and see things in a different way. It was worth every minute she spent with us."

Melissa Herweier
Manager Flight Centre


"If I had only two words to describe Elisabeth Fayt it would be instant inspiration. The results were immediate.


Elisabeth had an amazing effect on our Sales Team.  She managed to inspire them to be successful through a down economy.  Months later we are still feeling the benefits."


Jerome Curran

President, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery


"After Elisabeth spoke to our staff we found our work atmosphere was immediately more positive and we noticed a sense of individuals taking responsibility for their own success.  She gives people a road map to success that can be applied to personal as well as business situations."


Janice Kendall



"Elisabeth's Paving It forward 5-Day Immersion Retreat was amazing and rewarding.  I knew being around Elisabeth for 5 days would be awesome but it went so far above my expectations!" 


V. Wiebe

Kirby Positive Sales Trainer


"The approach that Elisabeth has is UNIQUE and is something that you don't want to miss.  She is an amazing teacher "MASTER" and she can really help you change your life, if you choose to.  I will always be grateful that Elisabeth and her teachings have been placed on my path."  


A. Rendon


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