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An Easy to Digest Lesson on Many Levels

It's hard to get people excited about recycling, but Kathy Brodsky's book, the Inside Story, uses emotion and excitement to tell how an envelope leaves its little box and travels through the mail containing a party invitation, finally ending up in the recycling bin. 

Through poetry and clever illustrations, this picture book for children teaches about the workings of the post office, the recycling center, and through guided discussion questions, how to manage change in our lives.

Often books on self-improvement or psychology seem too focused on the lesson rather than the story, but this cute story keeps the reader wondering how it will all work out making the story lead the reader to the lessons.

Susan M. Andrus


Midwest Book Review on The Inside Story

If you have ever wondered how to teach children about activism but lacked the resources that would help further your cause, My Bent Tree presents an opportunity to teach many lessons about diversity, activism, accepting differences, and working for justice.

In this brightly illustrated children's picture book, My Bent Tree leads the reader to appreciate differences in others and how helping them leads to rewards for herself. In this story written in rhyme, a child finds a tree in the woods that she notices is not perfect in every way, but she appreciates its shade and company. Soon, it becomes her favorite tree. Later, when the woods might be cut down to build a strip mall, the child, now a young adult, works with others to lobby against taking down all the trees, and a portion of the woods is set aside for a green space near the strip mall.

As a way to teach activism, ecology, and appreciation of those who are less than perfect, the book ends with two pages of discussion questions that guide teachers and parents in fostering inclusive attitudes toward others rather than discarding or disrespecting those who are less than perfect. Based on the author's own experiences of struggling to overcome the effects of polio and her subsequent work as a social worker, Brodsky's motivation in writing My Bent Tree was to show that "by reaching out and helping others, we also help ourselves."

Susan M. Andrus, Reviewer

Midwest Book Review

My Bent Tree


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"Kathy Brodsky's poems are a delight. They are full of humor, compassion and insight into a woman's joy, frustration and sadness."

Florence Henderson
Singer, Actress & Motivational Speaker

"Kathy has captured the essence of so many life experiences as she offers gentle wisdom and insights in a charming and delightful way..."

Mary Brown
Author & Publisher
Lynxfield Publishing

"Kathy's 'eye view' is clear and penetrating. She shows us how to absorb, reflect upon, and continue intact through life's myriad experiences. Her poems will reward each rereading with fresh insights."

Herma Hill Kay
Professor of Law
University of California Berkeley

"Grab a cup of tea, sit on a sunny window sill and savor every endearing poem to lift your spirits, tickle your funny bone and touch your heart. It's food for the soul."

Michele Weiner-Davis
Author of "Divorce Remedy"

"Kathy's poems are fun and insightful. They bring smiles to readers, yet are full of thoughtful wisdom. Keep them coming!"

Steve, NYC

"Kathy takes note of the many moments in each of our lives from the mundane to the extraordinary and finds the universal truth in each, relating it in ways that are often humorous, but always sincere. You will find yourself nodding in agreement, recognizing that particular moment from your very own life and marveling that Kathy somehow knew about it."

Pamme Boutselis, NH

"Kathy's poems never fail to entertain and intrigue us. Like spontaneous cameos of real life happenings, they are simple and to the point in presentation, but rich in imagery, insightfulness, sensitivity, and humor. It is fortunate for us that Kathy has discovered and is willing to share this special talent."

Mike & Myrna Graf
Retired, Bonita Springs, Florida

"As a family member and as a clinical psychologist, I have had the pleasure of seeing Kathy Brodsky take her depth of knowledge from the practice of social work, combine it with her own life experiences, and produce a wealth of poems that are thoughtful, warm, and often poignant. Kathy's poems that I have seen posted on fridges and that have been a central part of our family and friendship circles are now available to others -- an exciting prospect. Kathy delves into the personal, sentimental, and experiential foundations of people throughout their life span. Take a look at her poetry and you can get a sense of how Kathy can capture essential elements of celebrations, life, and living."

Stanley Brodsky, Ph.D.
Professor, The University of Alabama

"You are a HOOT!!! I LOVED your personality!!! Your whimsy>>> your capture of life ...sad at times... but held us all...because of its realism... yet... your comic and whimsy???? sooooo up lifting. Thank You."

"You are a real delight and so uplifting. I bought 3 of your books and they are the best purchases I've made in awhile. I love how you have the life lesson discussion questions at the end of My Bent Tree."

Testimonials from Women's Groups

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