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Kathy Brodsky
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News & Story Ideas

Helping Words Drawing from her 40 years as a psychotherapist, Kathy discusses the importance of encouraging children and how words and conversations can help them overcome difficulties.


Plump, Not Fat! Kathy discusses why she chose a pig as the main character in Stover, her new book about fitness and healthy eating.


Battling Childhood Obesity Kathy consulted with a registered dietician and health teacher in writing Stover. She discusses how parents can help their children overcome overeating and unhealthy eating to establish healthy nutrition and exercise routines for life.


Encouraging Kids' Fitness Stover includes open-ended questions about exercise and eating designed to get kids thinking for themselves about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Kathy discusses how parents can teach their kids by the examples they set as well as their words.


Celebrating diversity, fighting bullying Kathy discusses how lessons in her children's books can help kids feel better about themselves and overcome bullying.


Bent, Not Broken Kathy's book, My Bent Tree, celebrates the love and encouragement her mother gave her during her childhood battle with polio. She discusses what parents can do to help their children triumph over difficulties they encounter growing up.


Safe Sharing Kathy's children's books have featured a tree, an envelope, a dog, a cat and a pig as main characters. She tells from her years in psychotherapy how her non-human characters give kids a safe way to address feelings and concerns, and explains how parents can create a sense of safety for their kids to confide.


Raising Compassionate Kids Kathy's poem It's the People celebrates connections and relationships. She discusses what parents can do to raise kids who care about others in spite of societal pressure toward materialism, self-centeredness and immediate gratification.


Teaching Life Lessons Kathy discusses how teachers have used her books in the classroom and why she works to make her stories educational, touching and fun.


Parents' Helping Words Kathy tells how her mother encouraged her lifelong love of fitness and helped her overcome polio. She explains some ways parents can give their kids the support they need to grow into healthy, happy adults.


One Thing Leads to Another Kathy discusses how connections with readers have spurred her writing career and explains the importance of understanding how events in live are connected.


Celebrating Differences Kathy's new book due out later this year, A Horse Named Special, is about a racehorse who can no longer run and becomes a therapeutic riding horse. She tells why parents should help their kids appreciate differences.


Overcoming Setbacks As a psychotherapist and author, Kathy explains how parents can help their children be resilient, flexible and strong. "We all have unique gifts, and by reaching out and helping others, we also help ourselves," she says.


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