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News & Story Ideas

PRESS RELEASE: Sai Maa To Visit Japan In May


East Meets West Sai Maa uniquely combines a Western background in therapy with an Eastern understanding of energy. She tells how this led her to create methods of emotional, psychological and spiritual healing to touch countless people around the globe.

Divine Motherhood From her experience as a mother to her own children and her role as a spiritual leader to a devoted global following, Sai Maa shares the wisdom for mothers everywhere who are working to care for their families.

Energetic Therapy Sai Maa explains what goes on at her weeklong Journey of Profound Healing sessions, what sorts of problems people bring with them and how they learn to let go of pain.

Healing: Fountain of Youth Sai Maa tells how people experience a new youthful love of life after they experience healing at her programs, and how they manifest these changes.

Secrets of Lasting Love Couples who have participated in Sai Maa's Journey of Profound Union For Lovers discuss how the experience changed their relationships and how they have grown closer after going through the experience.

Youth AWAKE Youth who have participated in AWAKE, a program that creates youth leaders to uplift humanity through selfless service and love, tell how they are inspired by Sai Maa and what they are doing to make the world a better place.

Leaving It All Behind Sai Maa was once a successful businesswoman and French political leader and government official. She explains why she left a life of privilege in France to dedicate her life to serving humanity.

Inspiring Global Relief Followers of Sai Maa discuss projects to provide food, clean water, clothing, and medical care to needy people and how people can help.

Empowering Women A lifelong advocate for women and children, Sai Maa explains how empowering and uplifting women is the key to fighting poverty and improving life in the poorest parts of the world.

Self-Mastery Sai Maa, author of Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery, explains what self-mastery is and how it leads to peace, prosperity and love.

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant:, 828-749-3200, or blog

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