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Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz
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News & Story Ideas


The Brain and Intuition Dr. Schulz discusses the latest scientific research on the brain and the power of intuition in healing.


Access Your Intuition Everyone has intuition but few people know how to understand what their intuition is telling them. Dr. Schulz explains how people can learn to better handle health problems by paying closer attention to "innate flaws" in their bodies.


Emotional Centers Dr. Schulz explains the "emotional centers" where health issues are manifested and how they are related to family, security, money, self-esteem and other issues.


Obesity and Weight Issues What is the relationship between weight control issues and emotions? Dr. Schulz reveals the surprising findings that show how people's emotions and the emotions of others around them can trigger weight gain.


Curing Depression Many people who think they are depressed have what Dr. Schulz calls a "deficiency in happiness." She offers her prescription for how to put more happiness into life.


Beating Stress Dr. Schulz discusses the relationship between anxiety and addiction, and how faith can make us more resilient to both.


Overcoming Chronic Pain Research shows that opioids, "feel good hormones" can reduce pain. Dr. Schulz offers some tips for natural ways to boost these hormones and reduce pain.


Roots of Addiction Addiction is using something whether it's medicine, food, alcohol, sex, gambling or even computer use to cover up an emotion we can't handle. Dr. Schulz discusses how people can increase their "emotional literacy" to better handle emotions so they don't cover them up through addictions.


Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Dr. Schulz explains the relationship between the immune system and these diseases, and offers advice for calming the immune system to experience more peace and less pain.


Physician Heal Thyself Dr. Schulz shares her own remarkable story of overcoming cancer and the role intuition played in her treatment and healing.


Single by Choice Many people, women especially, feel pressured to marry and have children. But more and more women are choosing to embrace life as singles. Dr. Schulz discusses why she has chosen this path and how women can lead fulfilling lives without partners.


Overcoming Trauma Dr. Schulz in July will speak at a weeklong seminar on using trauma and tragedy to reach for a higher power and become something greater beyond living only for yourself. She tells how people can find the power to overcome tragedy.


Media Contact is Michelle Tennant:, 828-749-3200, or blog



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