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News & Story Ideas

4 F'em Strategies to Resolve Conflict The next time you get into conflict, use the right F word (Fight, Friend, Face and Forget) to get through it. Antoine and Lawrence explain.

One-Minute Kick-Starters for Change Lawrence shares quick talks leaders can use to get employees behind change in their organizations.

Lessons From Running With an Olympic Athlete Whether it is setting goals or sharing honestly, even when it feels really uncomfortable, pushing yourself is a must to achieve peak performance. Lawrence and Antoine explain.

Bad Boss Red Flags Bad bosses are a leading cause of workplace discontent, the Wall Street Journal reports. Antoine and Lawrence discuss how to spot a bad boss in a job interview, how bad bosses can affect the workplace and productivity, and strategies for dealing with them.

Want Change? Improve Relationships Tapping the latest research in emotional intelligence, Lawrence and Antoine reveal why better relationships are the key to creating lasting change.

Resolve Office Conflict With These Words Antoine and Lawrence share the best phrases for dealing with a micromanaging supervisor, an underperforming employee, disruptive work habits, unreasonable or unethical customer requests and abrupt, rude and unprofessional behavior.

Oxytocin: Team Effectiveness Hormone Trust, communication, empathy and generosity are all attributes of high-performing teams. Antoine and Lawrence explain how boosting oxytocin through fun activities improves team performance.

Rapid Retooling Secrets Today's leaders must constantly and rapidly adapt to retool themselves, their employees and their business models to keep pace with technology and economic events. Antoine and Lawrence explain how.

How to Make Change Your Friend Antoine and Lawrence reveal how to forge a workplace culture that is flexible, resilient, and aware of events that affect business for faster, more efficient and cost-effective initiatives.

Want Your Team to Get More Done? Work Less Lawrence shares why taking breaks is critical to breakthrough success, along with more lessons from Olympians.

Big Changes? Don't Panic! Managers must choose their words carefully during times of upheaval to keep their teams motivated and focused. Antoine and Lawrence explain how the right words at the right time can help leaders' articulate new initiatives, ease employees' fears and overcome resistance and performance problems.

Energy: Cure for Inertia Antoine tells how leaders can harness commitment, engagement, motivation and excitement to beat apathy, lethargy, resistance and other enemies of change.

3 Steps to The Big Aha at Your Next Team-Building Event Antoine and Lawrence explain how leaders can use trust, reflection and play to help teams increase their emotional investment and maximize ROI.

The One Question to Increase Engagement  Lawrence tells how to spark an ongoing conversation that can make work more meaningful.

9 Ways to Manage Emotions During Workplace Conflict  Lawrence shares phrases and strategies to reduce negative emotions that a listener may experience during tough conversations.

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