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Questions to Ask

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Suggested interview
questions for Antoine Gerschel and Lawrence Polsky: 

1.   Your firm, PeopleNRG, has worked with 30,000 business leaders in 11 industries in 30 countries in just five years. What are the main issues you find that are holding back teams from achieving top performance?

2.   How do you help managers and teams overcome these obstacles?

3.   To resolve office conflicts, you recommend four "F" words. Can you say them on the air?

4.   How can a team member or leader know which F strategy to use in a given situation?

5.   Lawrence, you went running with an Olympic athlete to learn some things about peak performance. What did you learn, and what most surprised you?

6.   How do you improve results when teams are already functioning at a high level?

7.   What does the latest research into emotional intelligence have to say about inspiring productive teams?

8.   At the other end of the scale, a recent survey found that bad bosses are a leading cause of workplace discontent. How can you spot a bad boss, and is there anything you can do if you find yourself working for one, other than leave?

9.   You have co-authored several bestselling business books, including one on phrases to resolve conflict. Can you give us some examples of how to use these phrases in real-life situations?

10.  You list 10 ways to manage emotions during workplace conflict. How do these strategies work?

11.  What are the biggest enemies of change in any organization, and what can leaders do to overcome resistance to change?

12.  How can a one-minute pep talk make a difference in getting teams to embrace change?

13.  In your book Rapid Retooling you say that successful companies constantly and rapidly adapt and retool themselves and their employees. How can leaders create a workplace culture that is flexible, resilient and open to continual change?

14.  You say trust, communication, empathy and generosity are all attributes of high-performing teams. How can businesses make these integral to their workplace culture?

15.  You call Oxytocin the hormone to build team effectiveness. Why?

16.  How can companies quantify the results of team-building activities?

17.  What are three ways companies can maximize return on investment from team-building events?

18.  What's the key to keeping the fun and creativity that teams experience in team-building sessions once they get back to the office?

19.  Why do you say taking breaks is critical to increasing productivity?

20.  Research indicates that a minority of workers are truly engaged in their work. What is the one question managers can ask their employees to spark getting them more engaged?

Media contact: 
Michelle Tennant
828-749-3200, or blog

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