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News & Story Ideas

Out of Balance? Signs it's Your Hormones
Many of the patients who come to Dr. Kristy have symptoms that have gone untreated for years. She shares some of the common and surprising problems that are related to hormonal imbalance.

No, it's Not a Normal Part of Aging Fatigue and exhaustion, low libido and vaginal dryness/irritation, loss of muscle mass and weight gain are often considered normal as we age. Dr. Kristy tells why this does not have to be the case, and how natural treatments can help relieve these and other symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Cutting Through the Brain Fog Many patients Dr. Kristy has treated have been so debilitated by hormone imbalances that they are unable to focus, concentrate or work. She shares some simple, natural solutions that offer hope for women to regain alertness and energy.

Beyond the Breaking Point? Why Hormones May be to Blame You yell at your family or even succumb to road rage. Things that never bothered you in the past bring you to tears, or set you off. Dr. Kristy explains why hormone imbalances often leave women irritable, anxious, emotionally volatile and unable to cope with stress.

Hidden Victims of Stress: Your Adrenal Glands Adrenal fatigue is a condition that affects women who are under too much stress for too long (sound familiar?) Dr. Kristy explains the biology behind tired glands, how they make women less able to cope with stress and change, and changes women can make in their everyday lives to regain emotional balance, vitality and resilience.

Nature, Nutrition and Happy Hormones Dr. Kristy discusses herbal supplements, vitamins and diet changes that can help women balance their hormones with amazing results.

Lifestyle Changes vs. Hormone Replacement: Which is Right for You? Dr. Kristy discusses the benefits of natural approaches to treating hormone balances, such as changes in diet, exercise and work habits, and compares the differences between bioidentical and synthetic HRT. 

Happy Hormones: Why Balance is Key Hormonal imbalances cause differing symptoms. Too much cortisol, for instance, is associated with stress anxiety and irritability, while too little leads to fatigue, brain fog and feeling overwhelmed. Dr. Kristy explains how she diagnoses these conditions and devises treatments based on each woman's needs.

PMS, Irritability and Weight Gain: The Happy Hormone Solution Dr. Kristy explains symptoms and treatments for estrogen excess.

Hot Flashes, Insomnia and Dryness: Balancing Hormones in Menopause Symptoms women often experience during menopause are related to estrogen deficiency. Dr. Kristy shares natural treatments that can help women beat these symptoms.

Weight Gain: Is Your Thyroid to Blame? Dr. Kristy explains hormonal causes of weight gain, including thyroid problems, DHEA deficiency and low testosterone, and natural solutions to help women regain strength, muscle mass and conditioning.

Cold Between the Sheets? Fire Up Your Libido Dr. Kristy shares natural solutions to increase sex drive, and the health benefits that come with balanced hormones and sex.

Cooking Up Happy Hormones Dr. Kristy shares recipes and nutritional secrets that can help women suffering from hormone imbalances.

Detox Your Environment & Your Body Chemicals in the environment mimic natural hormones and can wreak havoc with our bodies. Dr. Kristy explains some common sources of these toxins and changes people can make to reduce their exposure.

Happy Hormone Pets Dr. Kristy explains how to tell if your four-legged friend is suffering from unbalanced hormones, along with her own experience treating her cat "Ichi" for adrenal fatigue.

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