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Sorting Through Website Clutter
Achieve Internet Organization and Optimization

Have a business idea? Not sure how to create an online presence? Wanting to create and distribute an e-newsletter? Looking for options to manage your customers and sales prospects? Need a cost-effective, simple, and quick method to get your business launched or to the next level? Not looking to hire an IT consultant? TOM is your answer.

TOM, your trouble-free online manager, gives your business the tools to create and manage a professional website, complete with e-commerce, list management, sales and media distribution, response measurement, search engine optimization, and more. TOM's purpose is to provide - not just a fantastic, self-managed website - but to help business owners develop their company's web presence.

TOM is not just a creative guru; he's also as resourceful as a Boy Scout.  Once your website is up and running, the target shifts to attracting and retaining visitors and turning them into loyal customers. TOM's overarching theme is accessibility combined with professional insight.  E-commerce is the wave of the future, and TOM wants to make it easy and affordable for your company to catch that wave. 

Meet TOM's voice and inventor…entrepreneur and technology expert Drew Gerber.  TOM was created as a Web solution for start-up and small businesses that is simple, clear, easy to manage, and eliminates the need for additional IT support.

"I keep running into business owners and authors who are baffled with websites and trying to decipher what their internet presence can do for their business and product," Gerber explains. "So many people are investing money into a website that is complete with features they do not need and cannot manage themselves. The result is a stagnant site that is not helping the business move forward and wasted IT dollars."

Visit TOM's home page: 

Media Contact: Michelle Tennant, Wasabi Publicity, 828-749-3200,

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