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Moms In Business Network

The leading association representing Entrepreneurial, Executive and CEO Moms.

Moms In Business Network (MIBN)
is the leading national association for
Entrepreneurial, Executive, & CEO Moms

Moms In Business are one of the most powerful people
in the world...

Working Mothers, influence everything
from what we eat,
to the way we dress,
to what we drive.

And moms in business influence all that and
the direction, the connections, and policies that effect the future of business.

The founder of Moms In Business Network, Gina Robison-Billups, is recognized as an expert on business moms, marketing to moms, and just plain marketing.

In addition, Gina advocates for moms in business and visits our representatives in Washington to advocate for the business mom- a largely neglected group when policy making is considered. We need to come together to make the voice of moms in business heard, make connections, and grow as business leaders. She is establishing a reputation on the Hill as the voice of business moms and has an increasingly successful history of influencing policy.

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