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Do you know any best-selling authors
who don't sell their books in Barnes & Noble?

Neither do we!

If you want to be a best-selling author you have to get in major stores... And we'll show you how!

Featured Recording

"How to Get Your Book Into Stores"

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Don't have time to listen to the call? Watch the video and let Drew give you the Cliff's Notes!

Publicity Results! has partnered with acclaimed author Elaine Wilkes who sold over 750 books to Barnes & Noble in one day and has placed her book in thousands of stores all over the country. Now you can learn her secrets...

Dear Author (or Future Author),

Elaine assumed her book would be in all the stores because she was fortunate to have a major publishing house publish it. Wow, was she wrong! It wasn't in many stores — just a small handful of independent book stores.

She had all these glowing reviews, and was even awarded a rare star recommendation from the prestigious Publishers Weekly. But despite all that, her book could only be found on the Internet.

This frustration led Elaine to investigate the reasons why her highly acclaimed book wasn't in stores, and to find out what she could do without spending thousands of dollars to hire an expensive book publicist.

As a learning addict with a background in research, Elaine worked diligently to learn everything a person needs to know about getting their book into stores. She knew she was onto something great when she saw the results of her own efforts. Elaine's books went from being in a just a handful of independent stores to being found in thousands of major stores around the country.

By tapping into the organizational skills she acquired when she was working on her dissertation for her PhD., she produced this extremely well-organized and easy to use one-of-a-kind course that can save you endless, time-consuming hours of research.

Elaine shares all the tedious research, call lists, and even the actual call recordings of her pitching her own book to stores. AND she shares all the insider secrets she learned along the way. Think of the months it would take to try to put all this info together while your book is gathering dust.

Publicity Results! has partnered with Elaine to bring you this invaluable information, allowing you to save an immense amount of time too!

It's all been done for you, and here' s all the help you need to get your book into major stores too.

CEO, Publicity Results!

When the media, or your friends and co-workers, ask what stores carry your book, do you cringe at having to admit that none do?

Let' s change that now!

Experts estimate that writing your book is only 10% of the work while marketing is 90%, so there's a lot you need to know and do.

It doesn't matter whether your book is soon to be released or is already released; you don't want your books gathering dust in a distributor' s warehouse or in your garage…

The important thing to remember is this: most books are still sold in stores and you'll learn a step-by-step process on how to do it. Elaine has spoken with hundreds of booksellers, authors, and marketing experts to bring you all the information that's in this one-of-a-kind course.

Whether you're with a publishing house, self-published, or still writing your book, this course has all you need to get your book on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, Borders and more!

"GREAT, INFORMATIVE, INSTRUCTIONAL, even INSPIRATIONAL. Your course was a very good investment."

—Karen Mayfield, Chief Visionary Officer

"No one has ever done this before. It's priceless. If you have any interest in getting your book into the stores—you must have this."

—Alex Carroll, Author, speaker

Check out the TIME-SAVING information you get in this Publicity Results!: How To Get Your Book Into Stores Master Course!

The Course includes THREE PARTS:

The How To Get Your Book Into Stores eBOOK, chocked-full of information that reveals:

  • How to go from getting a "NO" to getting a "YES"
  • How to get in the major stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders
  • How to get in the store's computer system
  • Bookstore insider secrets (the things behind the scenes they never tell you)
  • Secrets from published and self-published authors who have mastered getting into stores.
  • The actual stories about how they did it
  • How to maximize your publicity efforts
  • How to get free $$$ advertising
  • Insider tips from store owners, buyers, and managers
  • How to think outside the box to get great results
  • Why you may not want your book to come out ASAP— and what to have in place BEFORE your book comes out.
  • Details on how to get your book into stores

E-mail lists and phone numbers all in one place:

  • A comprehensive list of phone numbers, e-mails, and important names that you'll find to be both extremely valuable and time saving. No need to be frustrated by wasting your precious and valuable time searching the Internet for phone numbers and e-mails. Elaine spent countless hours to compile all this information.
  • Color-coded lists of stores that show you which buyers will be open to saying "YES", and which ones will waste your time.
  • Lists of phone numbers and e-mail addresses of stores like:
    • All Barnes & Noble stores— over 600 e-mail addresses, phone numbers and store addresses
    • Borders— all phone numbers and store addresses, plus 25 e-mail addresses
    • Books-A-Million— all phone numbers and store addresses
    • Independent bookstores— over 600 listings, including phone numbers, contact names, and over 400 e-mail addresses
    • Airport stores— over 150 phone numbers, contact names, and e-mail addresses
    • Chain stores— phone numbers and e-mail addresses
    • Hastings chain— all phone numbers
    • New Age stores— over 80 phone numbers and over 50 e-mail addresses
    • Metaphysical stores— over 100 phone numbers and over 80 e-mail addresses
    • Stores that sell books about nature— over 100 phone numbers and over 40 e-mail addresses
  • Exclusive lists organized by cities and states. Make the most of your publicity by knowing the stores to contact in the specific area that you'll have media exposure.
  • Lists separated by category so you can personalize your e-mails
  • You keep all the e-mail lists! Most companies charge you to use their lists, but won't give you the lists. They also don't have them broken down into categories, so you get a ton of stores that have nothing to do with your book.

Recordings of Pitch Sessions with Store Managers.

  • You'll know what to say and not to say!
  • You'll hear actual recordings of book buyers saying "yes" and why.
  • By listening to calls, you'll gain confidence when speaking with buyers— and have fun doing it!


Top 100 book reviewer contacts from U.S. magazines over 100,000 circulation

  • Pitch top magazines and get your book reviewed
  • Land media placements to build credibility, gain exposure for your book, and increase sales
  • Leverage your media coverage to get your book in more stores and increase your book sales.


"What's in a Name?" Recording with Wasabi Publicity Chief Creative Office Michelle Tennant Nicholson.

  • Learn how vital a name is to the success of a book or a business
  • Learn how to come up with the perfect name, title or website
  • Learn the art of creative brainstorming so coming up with a name doesn't have to take all day


Recordings of Insider Interviews with...

  • Mike Michalowicz– The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur speaking on his success secrets
  • Bill Gladstone– Eckhart Tolle's agent speaking on highly successful authors and their campaigns
  • Dr. Sabrina Adams– author and publisher speaking on how to get books in K-mart
  • Alex Carroll– author speaking on what to say to buyers
  • Learn surprising secrets many published and self-published authors have revealed. Get on the fast track.
  • Access exclusive audio interviews with publishers, media and public relations experts. Learn their secrets!
  • Hear creative ideas that other authors have used to get into stores
  • Learn how to think outside the box to get great results

This one-of-a-kind course will teach you our proven method on how to get your book into stores. As an added benefit, you'll discover that these great marketing and sales ideas in our master's course can also be used successfully other areas of your business.


Once again, here's just some of the secrets you'll learn:

  • How to get your books in the major stores like BARNES & NOBLE and BORDERS, whether you're published or self-published
  • What to do after "No" to get a "YES"
  • How to get $$$ advertising, worth thousands of dollars for F*REE
  • How to get in the store's computer system
  • Bookstore INSIDER SECRETS—you'll be surprised
  • How to MAXIMIZE YOUR MEDIA COVERAGE and publicity
  • What every author MUST do when they get media coverage— Even though VIRTUALLY NOBODY DOES THIS.
  • Secrets from self-published and published authors that they used to get their books into stores. How'd they do it?
  • What authors did to get into other types of stores, besides bookstores
  • How one self-published author got a large order from Barnes and Noble after he was told no. Learn his secret.
  • Why you may not want your book to come out ASAP— and what to have in place BEFORE your book comes out.
  • What book buyers look for in your e-mails. SO MANY people do not know this!
  • The BEST place for book signings— it's not where you might think.
  • What store buyers love that will influence them to order your book
  • An easy way to get more orders, where you do nothing.
  • How you can get others to happily help you for free!
  • How to get into other stores, besides bookstores
  • Your BIGGEST advantage— You probably haven' t even thought of it.

Whether you're still writing your book, you're self-published, or you've been picked up by a major publishing house, you need this vital information. This is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind course. If you're ready to get your book into stores and learn the ins-and-outs, order NOW!

Are you ready to start selling your books in major stores?

YES! I want How To Get Your Books Into Stores Master Course. I'm ready to establish creditability and get my books into the hands of readers!
I know that I'm getting:

  • The How To Get Your Book Into Stores eBook valued at $97
  • Store E-mail lists and phone numbers valued at $197
  • Recordings of Pitch Sessions with Store Managers valued at $47

Total: $341
Plus, as an added BONUS I'll receive:

  • Top 100 book reviewer contacts in magazines valued at $197
  • "What's in a Name?" Recording with Wasabi Publicity Chief Creative Office Michelle Tennant Nicholson valued at $37
  • Recordings of Insider Interviews valued at $27

For a limited time only
You'll get all this for $127!
We're pricing this low as an introductory offer. There's no telling what the price may be later, so act today!

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