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Welcome to the online press kit for David Wood and Get Paid For Who You Are™!

Four Freedoms Through The Internet

Online Marketing Expert David Wood Busts

Myths That Work Has To Be A Grind

Many employees today toil long hours in cubicles, shouldering the workload of laid-off coworkers and dreaming of a brighter future. Untold others who lost jobs scratch their heads, wondering how they can profitably pursue their passions in the new Web-based economy.

Dream no more. The Internet has leveled the playing field so that anyone can make money online sharing their passions, hobbies, skills, and experience, says David Wood, author, international speaker, standup comedian and Professional Certified Coach.

In the intro to his new book, Get Paid for Who You Are
™, David describes how when a baby elephant is born in a circus, its leg is fastened to a stake with a strong chain. Over time, keepers reduce the thickness of the chain until a full-grown elephant is 'held' by a flimsy piece of rope.

"The elephant is tied to a stake because it believes it is," David says. "What do you believe? You could say a lifestyle of complete freedom, contribution and abundance isn't possible for you, or you can test the strength of your rope."

David's simple five-step process teaches people to make money online with their passion, interests, a computer and a phone line — from home, or from anywhere. Just like he does.

In 1997 David was working as a consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies such as Xerox, Ford and General Motors. Although he had worked hard for eight years to reach his goal and was making plenty of money, he felt something was missing. So he resigned and started coaching other people to achieve their goals.

Today David
owns 15 coaching Web sites ranked #1 on Google for several search terms. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and has lectured at Columbia University. He has coached 1,500 hours by phone in 13 countries and manages the world's largest coaching ezine, with 70,000 subscriptions in 91 countries.

In Get Paid For Who You Are
™, David shows how the Internet offers anyone the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and enjoy four freedoms: location freedom, time freedom, financial freedom and inner freedom — "the freedom to be yourself, and to share what you know and love with the world." With challenging, inspiring stories and real-life examples, he systematically dismantles supposed barriers to creating an online business as a primary or secondary source of income.

"What would your life be like if you did something you felt truly contributed to your community and the world? Is it possible to do what you love, and be well-paid?" David asks. "Thousands of people across the world are proving it's true."

In April, David launched Get Paid For Who You Are™ by giving away free copies to anyone who signed up at his website, and prompting readers to make a small optional donation to charity. Within weeks, more than 68,600 people had signed up to claim their free copy while donating more than $58,000 to two charities, generating more than $90,000 in revenues and more than 1,000 memberships.

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Media Contact is Michelle Tennant:, 828-749-3200.

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