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B.J. Wright! New Experiences Go Viral at a Discount


Every day, social media and viral marketing drive more of our information-fueled economy. taps into the power of relationships to spread new opportunities for business and deals for consumers.


B.J. Wright, a 30-year-old Search Engine Optimization wizard, founded CitySmart to help Boise businesses and patrons looking for new experiences and great deals. The company offers the only service of its kind in Boise and soon plans to expand to other cities.


The concept is simple, yet brilliant: Each day, CitySmart features a local business offering great deals for gift cards with deep discounts from 40 to 90 percent off. Want to try rock-climbing, find the best adventures for Boise Bike Week or check out that Thai restaurant everyone is talking about? CitySmart features a new deal each day, sent free to your inbox. And, in a new twist, the price of the deals goes down as more people spread the word and sign up.


CitySmart is all about people's natural desire to share great deals, unique local businesses and exciting new experiences with their friends.


"People are creatures of habit," B.J. says. "We get in the same routines; we go to the same restaurants, the same shows every weekend, and don't really mix it up. We offer an opportunity. You get to try a new experience at a big enough discount. It opens up your possibilities."


B.J., who has studied under top experts in online marketing, saw the power of the idea within days of launching CitySmart on March 29. The next week the site ran a deal for Costa Vida, a small Mexican restaurant in Boise with a faithful following. Offering a $10 gift card for $5, CitySmart sold 1,526 of the cards within a few hours. Among about 2,000 people who visited CitySmart that day, 25 percent bought gift cards, with many visitors buying multiple cards.


"It was completely viral," B.J. says. "I talked to a buddy who is a banker. The day we offered that deal, someone posted it on Facebook. He said it went through the entire bank like a whirlwind."


To learn more about CitySmart and how businesses and consumers are using it to tap into the power of the Web, visit their public website at and B.J.'s blog at

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant:, 828-749-3200.


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