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Dear Michael: The Ultimate Tribute

Contest Offers Fans Worldwide Chance
 to Contribute to Written Monument

The world today offers unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and co-creation as people across the globe share their views, feelings and personalities online. Now Bungalow Publishing, a specialty publishing house, is tapping this potential to involve people worldwide in a monumental off-line expression of human creativity: the Michael Jackson Book Monument.

For the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to co-create "a unique monument of historic proportions" to Michael Jackson and his impact on their lives in a personalized work of art celebrating the legendary performer.

The Monument consists of a strictly limited edition of 5,000 copies of a bible-like book, each copy containing 1,000 stories by fans on the impact of Michael's music and personality on their lives. 

Each numbered book will feature a cover portrait of Michael created from over 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Each will come with two cases, one made of stone and one made of walnut, which together create a unique way to exhibit the book, as well as a 

specially designed and numbered MJ medal

. In addition to the limited edition, Bungalow Publishing will offer regular editions available to everyone.

All Michael Jackson fans will have a chance to participate through a contest Bungalow Publishing has launched. Visit to participate in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up, create an account and log in.

  2. Write your personal story to Michael. Save it, preview what it would look like on a page from the book, and share it on Facebook all at no charge.

  3. Submit your story for $10 USD to be entered in the contest to win one of 1,000 chances to have your story published on a page in both the regular and limited edition of the monument (both editions feature the 1,000 winning stories). Story submissions must be in English. The 1,000 winners will be chosen by judges selected by Bungalow Publishing.

Anyone can buy the regular edition book for $59 USD, with pre-orders now being accepted on the website. 

Bungalow Publishing will offer the 5,000 limited (luxury) editions for $7,499 USD each. Limited editions can be reserved for $1,499 USD each. Once the 5,000 limited editions are sold, no more will be available ever.

"We offer fans a platform to share their personal story about Michael Jackson in a revolutionary publication an absolutely stunning stage for them to shine on," says Marisa Garau (SAY Ga-row as in "wow"), co-founder of Bungalow Publishing. "Their names will forever be connected with Michael within this written monument, something that has never been done before in the history of book publishing."

Each of the limited editions will include a beautiful cover portrait of Michael created from over 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Each book comes within two cases: an outer case is made of Alpine White HI-MACS Solid Surface, a smooth, stone-like material. The inner case is made of sweet-scented wood from the walnut tree; together they create an ingenious pedestal to exhibit the book. Incorporated in the white case is a specially designed and numbered Medal of Honour which can be either displayed or worn featuring Michael's initials encrusted with gems.

The idea of the memorial was born in June 2010 as fans around the world mourned the year anniversary of the death of The King of Pop. "I thought about these people from such different cultures and backgrounds," Garau says. "I wondered how the lives of his fans were affected after Michael died. How do they cope without him? How did Michael's death change their outlook on life and its challenges?"

Knowing from personal experience the healing effects of writing, she came up with the idea of offering a highly luxurious limited edition book that would celebrate Michael's legacy and give his fans the chance to share their feelings, memories, and inspiring and hopeful thoughts.

Bungalow Publishing has assembled an elite team of artists and creative leaders to create the Michael Jackson Book Monument. This includes one of France's oldest and most successful paper companies since 1882; an award-winning printing company from Holland founded in 1922 which has a reputation of executing extremely complex printing assignments; a German book binding company which combines traditional binding techniques with patented technology and specializes in manufacturing limited edition bibles for the Vatican; the Austrian Swarovski Crystal Mesh factory for achieving the ultimate in Michael's portrait; and an internationally renowned medal and auctioneering firm with a history that goes back to 1666 and which designs exclusive insignia for the British Royal Family.

"We are very fortunate to work with these highly skilled experts, who each share our vision that this unique Michael Jackson Book Monument deserves to become a resounding success," says Arjan van Woensel , co-founder and creative director of Bungalow Publishing. "In reaching this goal, they offer not only the best technology and materials available, but also stretch their minds and expertise by testing new production processes and having new materials manufactured exclusively for this project. We've been truly inspired by Michael Jackson's sense of perfectionism. We made sure that every single detail of the book is executed with great care in order to create the exceptional look and feel that would have made Michael proud."

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