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No More Cold Showers
PrecisionTemp Tankless Water Heaters Give
RV & Boating Enthusiasts On-Demand Comfort

Pulling into a campground after a long day on the road, the last thing campers want to worry about is having enough hot water for a comfortable shower. But even many top-of-the line RVs have hot water tanks that run out after a few minutes. That no longer needs to be a problem.

"PrecisionTemp products allow you to shower just like you would at home and in some cases better than you would at home," says Gerry Wolter who holds five patents on his inventions.

Gerry is well aware of how frustrating it can be to not take a good hot shower when you want. "They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well these products got their start because my wife and I got tired of taking cold "navy" showers on our boat while sailing in the Gulf of Mexico," explains Wolter.

Gerry first invented the Wolter 300 ShowerMate™, the first on-demand water heater in the world that did not require a pilot light. Then turning his attention to the RV market, PrecisionTemp, of which Wolter is President, introduced the RV-500™. This is the first product that allows people to have on-demand water in their RV.

Now PrecisionTemp is taking that technology to the next level with the RV-550 NSP™. Like the RV-500™ it provides a limitless supply of hot water. However unlike other water heaters, the NSP can be vented through the floor and does not require sidewall penetration. This feature makes it ideal for OEM manufacturers of coaches and trailers that have intricate paint patterns or where having a smooth and unobstructed sidewall is important. It is also ideal for custom or restorative work where the owner prefers not to disturb the sidewall.

The RV-550 NSP™ also uses new patent pending flow sensitive technology eliminating much of the electronics the RV-500™ uses for maintaining precise temperature control. This low cost feature allows more price sensitive OEM manufacturers to offer this product. "The high output and freeze protection means the RV-550 NSP™ can provide hot shower temperature water even in the coldest conditions," says Wolter. "Combined with no sidewall penetration this product fills a need that no other product does."

PrecisionTemp, Inc. was founded in 1995 out of the original company Wolter Systems. PrecisionTemp designs and manufactures multiple gas-fired on-demand hot water heating products including the TwinTemp™ which provides comfortable hydronic heating and an endless supply of shower temperature water for RVs.

"We've solved the problem giving people on the road the comfort of unlimited hot water," Wolter says. "Now they can get to the campground late without having to worry about getting close to the public restrooms for that morning shower. They can have as much hot water as they want," Wolter points out. "And they can have it whenever they want."

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