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Empowering World-Changers

Samuel P. "Pat" Black III Inspires
Unconventional Thinkers to Thrive

From Albert Einstein to Malcolm Gladwell, unconventional thinkers have changed the world. How do these individuals achieve their full potential navigating the waters of a conventional world? 

Samuel P. "Pat" Black III (Pat Black), founder of visionary businesses and philanthropic organizations, aims to create an environment where today's unconventional thinkers can thrive. He's building "The Flourish Summit" to give communities tools, spaces and programs nonconformist leaders will use to find solutions to today's most pressing challenges.


"If you are an entrepreneur you are unconventional. If you are an artist, you are unconventional. If you are a thinker, you are unconventional," Black says. "If you are going to make a substantial change in the way that humanity deals with life, then you have to be unconventional. Change always happens outside the box driving into the box."

Yet innate creatives, estimated to comprise 10 percent or more of the population, often feel "boxed in" by the conventional majority. By pioneering creative communities, Black wants to help unorthodox thinkers spark innovations that can change the world. It's a cause born out of his experience.

"I grew up with a lot of rage," he says. "I never realized why until I discovered that I was an unconventional thinker and I couldn't just go along with the rules and the regulations that all these institutions put together so nicely for their own benefit."


Black founded Erie Management Group, LLC (EMG) in 2004 to invest, create and manage companies with innovative products capitalizing on economic opportunities in the Lake Erie Region. His groundbreaking companies include HERO Bx, LLC one of the largest biodiesel manufacturers in the Northeast and he is co-founder and president of The Black Family Foundation, an active grant-maker, partner in philanthropy, catalyst, key convener, and leader in helping build vital, prosperous and sustainable enterprises.  

Black spent years studying and mastering several personal growth disciplines, including Neuro Linquistic Programming and Huna, the ancient Hawaiian discipline of energy, consciousness and healing. The path of personal growth led him to achieve breakthroughs in business and philanthropy, and inspired him to empower the next generation of change-makers.


Sparked by challenges he experienced as a creative thinker, Black utilizes his experience, intuition and creative gifts to help other unconventional thinkers realize their potential. This begins with understanding their "internal technology" the hard-wired neurology underlying the creative process, he says.


Unconventional thinkers see the world as holographic rather than linear. They understand creativity grows organically and cannot be planned, learned or forced, Black says. They often have tried several paths in an attempt to navigate within the conventional structures of society. Black stresses the lesson learned by highly creative, unconventional thinkers who have changed history: Your Purpose Chooses You.


"You can't plan for it, you can't study for it, you can't work for it," he says. "When you are ready, when you are prepared, your purpose will choose you. And once you go in the direction of fulfilling your purpose, you are going to be on your path."


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