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Youth Talk Back

Millennial Lifestyle Expert Chelsea Krost Engages
Gen Y to Connect, Challenge & Change their World


Born into a whirlwind of economic uncertainty, global strife and relentless change, the Millennial Generation didn't create the challenges they face. But this "always connected" cohort of creative, expressive, tech-savvy young adults now must step up to change the world they inherited.


Empowering  millennials to make their voices heard is the passion of 21-year-old Chelsea Krost, writer, producer, and TV and radio host. As the voice of her generation, Chelsea has appeared on Anderson with Anderson Cooper, the Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Good Day New York, and many other top media from New York to Florida to California. As a "guestpert" and broadcast journalist she creates webisodes for her website and covers relevant, cutting edge stories for CBS, FOX, and ABC news affiliates and other media.

"My purpose is to be the voice of the Millennial Generation and a role model for my peers," she says, pointing to negative influences such as reality TV and peer pressure. "With the increase in cyber-bullying, social networking, eating disorders and teen pregnancies, there needs to be a platform where millennials can come together, learn, and get motivated to be a success, do great things for their future, and give back to those who are less fortunate."


Driven by a passion for charitable causes, Chelsea's work is a catalyst and call to action for communities of talented, change-oriented young adults who grew up intimately connected through technology. It is a path she has walked since her breakout success at age 16, when she debuted Teen Talk Live with Chelsea Krost on WBZT 1230 AM, making her the youngest AM radio host ever.


With the tag line "Our voice. Our opinions. Our time to talk," Chelsea established her show as a safe, non-judgmental platform for young adults to share feelings about trending media topics and explore global concerns. As her audience matured with her, her program (now known simply as The Chelsea Krost Show) offers a compelling, informative and balanced view through a rotating panel of young adults, guest celebrities and experts.


In a profile of college entrepreneurs, YFS (Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed) Magazine described Chelsea's work as "a morning radio show that soon launched a multimedia company and millennial brand" that "encompasses her work as a TV journalist, author, motivational speaker, teen philanthropic and national spokesperson." Chelsea was also named the Mini Mogul in Seventeen Magazine's "Some Pretty Amazing Girls."


Chelsea is at ease tackling hard topics such as bullying, bulimia, drug abuse and sex trafficking, and fun ones, including fashion and finding your unique expression in the world. Her heart for serving others and acumen for using social media for good make her a standout among  millennial media personalities. On Teen Talk Live "mission to Africa," a philanthropic trip to Nairobi, she hand-delivered hundreds of feminine hygiene products to the HEART Freedom for Girls Program and the Nyumbani Children's Home. She documented the trip in a four-part TV special for CBS and Fox affiliate TV news outlets in her native Florida. She is active in charitable endeavors across the globe, including SOS Children's Villages, The Pajama Program, The Unicorn Foundation, Africa Heart, and Dream Sponsors, Inc.


Chelsea recently released her tell-all debut book, NINETEEN A Reflection Of My Teenage Experience In An Extraordinary Life: What I Have Learned and What I Have To Share, a combination of memoir, self-help and insider's guide for young adults, and plans to embark on a national book tour. Chelsea lives in New York City where she attends Marymount College studying communications.


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