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Welcome to the online press kit for Danny Iny and Firepole Marketing

Naked Marketing

 Danny Iny strips the art of engagement to its essence
to teach small businesses marketing that works

Small businesses are run by smart, strong, passionate people, looking to build better lives for their families and communities. The problem is, all too often, they are excellent at running their businesses, but have no idea how to market them. In today's hyper-paced marketplace, that can put them at risk of failure the last thing anyone wants to see happen to their dream.

Audience engagement expert Danny Iny (SAY "eenie") of Firepole Marketing is working to change that. Through virally popular training programs such as his free Naked Marketing Manifesto (, he provides simple, clear marketing advice and know-how to his students so they can take the actions and make the choices that lead to business success.

With his new Naked Marketing Book Project and other collaborative initiatives, Danny teaches small business owners to tap into the power of engagement to create audience-driven businesses.

Most books and training programs tend to focus on varied aspects of marketing, overcomplicating the topic. Danny says marketing at its core is actually simple:

"It's about aligning what you've got with what people want and then telling them about it," he says.

That's a refreshingly welcome concept to marketing newcomers struggling to connect with customers and clients. Naked Marketing was created as a response to their frustration at the lack of comprehensive training programs designed for small business owners with minimal capital and limited time to devote to learning new skills; everything was either too theoretical, academic and time consuming, or all about tactics with no discussion of overarching strategy.

These aren't acceptable options for hardworking business owners whose livelihoods depend on their ability to attract clients and nurture relationships with them, so Danny created Firepole Marketing, a place where business owners and entrepreneurs can acquire the knowledge and skills that they need with the full support of a thriving online community.

The Naked Marketing Manifesto pushed the envelope with community-created content offered free in exchange for a Tweet. Now Danny continues that groundbreaking approach with the Naked Marketing Book Project. Sharing and developing ideas in collaboration with his students and followers will assure the book is on target with its audience.

"This is a different way of writing a book and I think it's the best way maybe the only way of writing a book about this subject that will be truly amazing," he says.

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Media contact: Michelle Tennant, 828-749-3200,, or blog


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