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The Emotion Code: Future Medicine Now

Dr. Bradley Nelson Heals Patients Through "Emotional Surgery"

Modern science increasingly verifies a truth that runs through ancient healing systems: The mind and body are inextricably connected, with our thoughts and emotions exerting a powerful influence on our health. Probing the frontiers of our ability to heal physical and mental disease through "emotional surgery," Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the world's foremost experts in the emerging fields of bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology.

From his more than 20 years practice as a holistic physician, Dr. Brad discerned that the vast majority of physical pain, disease and mental and emotional problems his patients suffered was rooted in trapped emotions, the unseen emotional baggage we all carry from hurtful life experiences.

"After twenty-some years and thousands of patients, I'm convinced that trapped emotions are at the basis of almost everything from phobias and anxiety attacks to cancers and fibromyalgia. The good news is that by clearing these trapped emotions, the symptoms of the disease or condition become noticeably better and often the disease or condition itself completely disappears."  

Through his studies of ancient medical practice and modern quantum physics, he developed The Emotion Code, a simple yet powerfully effective method anyone can learn to release the trapped emotions that block mental and physical healing.

The idea of energy medicine is certainly not new. Ancient records describe the use of energy for healing as far back 4000 BC. "The ancient Indian physicians who practiced Ayurvedic medicine called energy prana. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is call qi or chi. Both of these systems, as well as 95 other ancient cultures, worked with energy in specific ways over the centuries to affect healing. But it's only with the advent of quantum physics that energy has really been acknowledged in contemporary western medicine."


Today we know that everything is made up of energy, from our bodies to the thoughts we think.

"Our bodies are really a collection of vast numbers of very small bits of energy that are flying in close formation," Dr. Brad explains.

Through his practice and studies, Dr. Brad realized that these bits of energy that make up our bodies are directly affected by the energy of our emotions. He also discovered that the energy of negative emotions can become trapped within the body, almost like a tumor, with potentially disastrous consequences to our physical and psychological well-being. He developed The Emotion Code to release these trapped emotions from the body.

"I start by accessing the intelligence of the subconscious mind, which is an incredible holographic computer that archives every moment of your day, everything you've ever eaten or tasted, or touched or smelled, the entire history of your health," he says.

After identifying a specific trapped emotion, simply passing any magnet (or even your own fingertips) along the Governing Meridian releases the energy of the trapped emotion. Dr. Brad's patients experience results that are nothing short of miraculous in everything from chronic fatigue to depression to back and shoulder pain.


Using his expertise as a computer programmer, Dr. Brad codified his techniques and created a "mind mapping" system that made his work highly reliable and repeatable.

"I have always been driven to empower people to help themselves, and I began teaching seminars to do just that in 1998," he says. "I have been all over the world teaching The Emotion Code, and it is spreading like wildfire now, all over the globe."


Today Dr. Brad is spreading the knowledge of The Emotion Code (as well as the advanced version, The Body Code System) internationally through his lectures and his best-selling book, The Emotion Code.


"We've taken energy healing and made it so powerful, and so simple and easy that even a child can do it. With the Emotion Code, people learn that they have access to a universal database of intelligence that they can easily and instantly access to promote their own healing." 

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