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 Get Set for College and Set for Life


The best investment you can make – sending your child to college -- shouldn't send the family into financial ruin! For generations, the common wisdom has touted the value of "getting a good education" – a college education. But in these times of economic turmoil, is it worth it any more to send our kids through four or five (or maybe even six!) years of higher education?


Scott Weingold, co-founder of College Planning Network, LLC, who was ranked as the nation's #1 "College Financial Aid Expert Worth Knowing About" by, says, "Absolutely."

It's about the hard facts. New college grads may face a discouraging 6.4% unemployment rate right now. But recent grads with only a high school education have a whopping 24% unemployment rate. We still need to arm our kids for the future with the best education we can provide."

But Scott goes on to say that this great education should be planned strategically – and paid for intelligently.


"There's a lot of misinformation and bad advice out there. Too many financial experts encourage programs like cutting out a cup or two of coffee a week to put towards a college fund. If you start when your child is in utero, 18 years later you've got maybe $5,000 or $7,000—that's not going to solve the problem. You'd be far better off to spend your time figuring out exactly what your child likes, what she wants to do and where she wants to go, focusing on packaging and prepping her to appear as suited for the schools she wants as possible…and researching how to properly navigate the financial aid process."


But what if your child is determined to go to one of the top tier schools in the country? How can most middle class families afford to even consider a school of that caliber?


"Don't be scared off by the high sticker price of the elite schools. If you position your family and the student correctly, you can end up spending less out-of-pocket for a great private college degree than you would at a state college."


Scott and the College Planning Network (CPN) team have helped literally thousands of families successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid process, and make paying for college more easily affordable – regardless of the cost. Scott teaches these principles in his free online video workshop, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke In The Process! and the book he co-authored, The Real Secret To Paying For College: The Insider's Guide To Sending Your Child To College – Without Spending Your Life's Savings.


CPN's educational website,, provides free resources and step-by-step tutorials to guide families through the college admissions and financing process. The site also offers families a free college funding analysis so parents and students can see exactly where they stand at any stage of the process.


"There are four phases to the college admissions and the funding process: Plan, Prep & Package, Pay, and Peace of Mind. Do those correctly and you'll end up with the best results. But without all four phases, parents waste a fortune and end up overpaying for college. A college education for your child(ren) is one of the single biggest investments you'll make over your lifetime. It's worth it to get it right."


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