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Natalia Yosco
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Millionaire Mompreneur!
Natalia Yosco went from stay-at-home mom to millionaire mompreneur; now she's teaching other women to do the same

Moms who want a comfortable life for their families have long faced the dilemma: stay in the work world and "lean in" while trying to care for their children, or opt out of business to devote themselves solely to raising kids. But what if that were a false choice?

Millionaire Mompreneur Natalia Yosco is living proof that women can have the financial freedom that comes from owning their own business while raising their kids at home. In three short years, this mother of three went from stay-at-home mom to financially-free mompreneur through the power of direct sales. Today, she's on a mission to help others enjoy the same financial freedom that she and her family enjoy.

Natalia is author of The New BFF: Being Financially Free, a top performer in her company, and an author, speaker, and mentor for women aspiring to financial freedom. She's expanding her business with new partners across North America and Canada while teaching women how to design a life with more money, time, purpose, and possibilities for themselves and their families.

"Women want to give their children a better life, whether it's paying for their sports and dance classes today, or saving for their college tuition for tomorrow," Natalia says. "I help women create their dream life through independent business ownership." 

All too often the numbers just don't add up for single working women, working moms, and stay-at-home moms, Natalia says. "Our choice often comes down to working more hours and getting by with less less time for our families and ourselves, less relaxation and vacation, less peace of mind and well-being, and less control of our financial futures."

But there's good news for these hard-working, dedicated moms. The infinite networking potential of social media, the Internet, and E-commerce present women with a new paradigm a way to be financially free as they build their own businesses and stay at home with the kids. Natalia, a native New Yorker who makes her home in Nashville, Tennessee, knows because she's done it herself.

"Regardless of your current financial picture, you have the ability to be financially free," she says. 

How? It's about connecting women with their natural gifts. "Few career opportunities are as tailor-made for women as work-from-home businesses, she says. "We're born marketers, networkers, communicators, and multi-taskers."

In The New BFF: Being Financially Free, Natalia explains how to:

✓ Use your strengths and passions to create a business suited specifically to you
✓ Harness your natural skill at networking to grow and support your business
✓ Design a flexible schedule while maintaining successful business practices
✓ Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes made by many novice entrepreneurs
✓ Stay focused on your goals and dreams and in control of your financial future.

A six-figure income is within reach for many women, but Natalia sees no reason to stop there. One recent study says women make up about a third of America's millionaires, but only about 15 percent of those women are self-made millionaires. Natalia's mission is to boost those numbers by giving more women the tools they need to become seven-figure earners. She's continuing to build her own business within the multi-billion dollar anti-aging arena by reaching out to potential partners across the US and Canada through social media.

"I'm looking for people to build it big with me for savvy, smart, entrepreneurial women who want to have it all," she says. "I'm looking for women who want independence, financial freedom, and change radical change in their lives."

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