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Daniel Pendley
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From his heights as a top business trainer and depths of personal tragedy,
author and speaker Daniel Pendley teaches

Life-Training Through The Power of the Dream

In today's economy, the old tools getting a degree, landing a job and putting your nose to the grindstone are no longer enough. People need to know how to break through obstacles, overcome fears and seize the power of their dreams.

Life trainer, author and speaker Daniel Pendley has gone through trials from losing his namesake daughter at age 28 in 2006, to being paralyzed from the neck down in 2012. He recovered and has come back on fire to help people change their lives by helping others.

From visiting grief-stricken families who have lost children to helping others facing health problems (he recently offered to donate a kidney to a friend from high school!) Daniel lives what he teaches and walks his talk. He calls this his "Daily Love Walk."

I wake up every day on fire to get in front of a microphone so I can talk to people who are hurting," he says. "I want to create a culture of helping people and serving people, and I want to do it every day in every way I can."

As a business and motivational trainer, Daniel taught more than half a million business professionals over 36 years. From his years training real estate professionals in power sales and Fortune 500 executives in advanced leadership and business strategies, he developed a set of principles and practices. Today he uses those to help people from all walks lead lives that are more purposeful, abundant and connected.

In his five-week life-training course, Daniel mentors people to literally create a passport to their dreams using principles from his book,
The Power of the Dream. An overarching theme is Dream-Building Blocks (aka The Compound Effect) taking consistent actions every day that move you toward your goal. He teaches people how to use this wealth-building principal to reach their dreams in all areas: mental, physical, spiritual, social and family.

Every aspect of your life matters," Daniel says. "How do you get anywhere that you want to go? By taking consistent daily actions."

Having achieved wealth and success in the conventional sense, Daniel's daily actions revolve around helping others. He believes the key to getting beyond whatever is holding you back is to reach out to others in need.

I am talking a culture, not just making money, but serving families, serving God, being a better person, being of character," he says.

It's a lesson he learned through his own trials. In 2006 he lost his daughter Danielle, 28 years old, in a tragic car accident. Then in 2012, while enjoying one of his passions, horseback riding, Daniel was severely injured in an accident. He was initially paralyzed from the neck down and told by doctors the odds were against him fully recovering. He battled back and at age 61, runs mini-triathlons and 5Ks.

Because I went through these trials and tribulations it has opened my eyes," he says. "I can see crystal clear and I believe I have been called to do this. I am going to do what I can between now and my last breath."

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