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Energizing Teams for Top Performance
Since 2008, more than 30,000 business leaders on five continents have profited from the leadership and team consulting expertise of PeopleNRG

Executives and human resource leaders need more than ropes courses and team-building games to get the most out of their teams and talent. PeopleNRG has trained more than 30,000 leaders worldwide to overcome hidden obstacles, get unstuck and thrive through change.

PeopleNRG's customers include Pfizer, NASA, Dell, SHARP, UBS, Con Edison, Bayer, Adidas, Intuit, Walmart, Swiss Re and the US Department of Commerce. They empower companies, divisions and start-ups to ignite creative teamwork for new levels of performance.

Whether working with troubled teams or those already functioning at extremely high levels, PeopleNRG focuses on boosting bottom-line results, consistently helping their clients achieve 200 to 6600 percent ROI.

"We have changed the consulting industry from long, drawn out analysis and suggestion, to a model of rapid retooling," says Lawrence Polsky, who serves with Antoine Gerschel as managing partner of PeopleNRG. "We provide hyper-speed consulting that finds problems, fixes them and rolls them out in 1/10th the time of traditional consulting."

Lawrence is a pioneer in the business application of emotional intelligence based on his post graduate work at the Institute of Human Development under the direction of Dr. Wilson Tilley. He holds a Master's in Organization Development with NTL Institute, the nation's leading program in experiential learning. After a career in the financial services, healthcare, and consumer-electronics industries, Lawrence launched and managed two successful companies a gourmet organic food service business and then an OD and training business. His experience includes 20 years in OD & Learning, including teaching thousands of leaders around the world in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia.

Antoine's senior management experience includes serving as COO of a 100-person, $17 million multi-media learning company in Europe, and as  director of global leadership development and e-learning for Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical. He has firsthand experience working around the globe, extensively in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and is fluent in five languages.

Lawrence and Antoine are dynamic speakers and bestselling authors of books such as Perfect Phrases for Conflict ResolutionPerfect Phrases for Communicating Change, Rapid Retooling, Say YES! to Change and 19 Steps to Lead Employees Over the River of Fear. Topics they can discuss include:

  • 4 F'em Strategies to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace: The next time you get into conflict, use the right F word (Fight, Friend, Face and Forget) to get through it!
  • Want Change? Improve Relationships: Why the latest research in emotional intelligence shows improving relationships is the key to creating lasting change.
  • Energy Cure for Inertia: How to harness commitment, engagement, motivation and excitement to beat apathy, lethargy, resistance and other enemies of change.

"Leadership and team building is all about creating a dynamic team that works well together and capitalizes on each team member's knowledge, talents and abilities," Antoine says. "A crucial thing that leaders sometimes miss is how to use their teams' talents to capacity by creating a synergy between their team members that enhances each person's exceptional qualities. Once this happens, the productivity of the team can skyrocket beyond expectations."

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