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Gabby Brennan was recently featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

Welcome to the online press kit for Gabby Brennan, creator of gabbybaby®

"Is he circumcised?"
"Did you take drugs?"
"Are you letting him sleep in your bed?"

Dialogue from an R-rated movie?  Nope. Just some typical questions a new mom or dad receive from complete strangers, nosy neighbors, or need-to-know relatives. 


Oh, then there's the unwelcome, unsolicited advice:


"You really shouldn't let your baby cry like that."
"When I had my daughter, I breast-fed until she was 14 months; she was never sick."

"Why wouldn't you have more than one child? Do you know he will be lonely?"
"When you were a baby, we never did it like this..."


Gabby Brennan is urging people to ask themselves one very important question before they speak to a new parent: 


"Is this really any of my business?" 

Nine times out of ten, the answer to this is - no, not "maybe," not "I am just curious." Just a clean and simple - no. 

Gabby is on a mission to change the rules of conversation for new parents. She has defined and is defending the "unwritten rules" that people should follow around new parents. Gabby stands up for parents, emerging as the one who is, "saying everything parents wish they could say, but don't."

Currently, gabbybaby is expressed through a line of baby and children's apparel, answering questions up front while politely asking others to "mind their own business." 


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