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Welcome to The California Fireworks Newswire
online press kit.

Over the years, a number of individual fire departments, the Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM), and elements within the fireworks industry have sponsored or participated in the production of public safety messages about illegal and/or state-approved fireworks. However, prior to 1991 most of these efforts had not been distinguished by a great deal of cooperation and coordination between the fireworks industry, the non-profit organizations and charities who sell state-approved fireworks, and all the various levels of the fire protection and prevention communities.

On November 7, 1990, American West Marketing and Freedom Fireworks, both now known as American Promotional Events, Inc.(TNT Fireworks), appeared before the State Board of Fire Services1 and proposed an aggressive, coordinated effort between the fire service, the fireworks industry and the non-profit organizations. Pursuant to a unanimous resolution by the Board, the proposal was referred to the SFM's Public Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) to study the issue and report back.

After discussing the scope, direction and limits of a statewide safety and education effort with numerous fire protection and prevention officers throughout the State, PEAC suggested that the program be limited to the following four goals:

1. The proper and responsible use of state-approved fireworks;

2. How to identify legal fireworks;

3. The hazards of illegal fireworks; and

4. The use or possession of illegal fireworks is illegal and may result in a criminal citation or arrest, including a felony.

PEAC further recommended that delivery of this program be limited to those 296 communities that currently permit the sale and use of state-approved fireworks. At the February 6, 1991 quarterly meeting, the Board adopted PEAC's recommendation unanimously.

2023 marks the 33rd year of this highly successful, cooperative program. From its initial award-winning, public service announcements (PSA's) featuring the late former President Ronald Reagan to its PSA's featuring television personality Ron Masak, to its Illegal Fireworks Amnesty Program; to its "Dangerous Games" video; to its "Private Eyes" campaign, to its two radio and television PSA's featuring country music duo sensation "Brooks & Dunn," and, most recently, its new "Don't Get Burned" safety video, this program has received wide acclaim from school districts, the media, the fire service, City Councils, Boards of Supervisors and the State of California for the successful impact it has had on 4th of July safety.

This web site is a testimony to the strength of this cooperative effort. This web site contains material from:

  • The Office of the California State Fire Marshal
  • The United States Fireworks Safety Commission
  • TNT Fireworks (American Promotional Events, Inc.)
  • Revell Communications
  • American Pyrotechnic Association
  • The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • The State of California; and
  • Print and Broadcast News Organizations throughout the state

Nothing on this web site should be construed as an endorsement of any state-approved firework product, position or entity. Wherever possible the sources of all information have been identified and are representative of that source's position, beliefs and/or work product and are not necessarily those of any other entity who has contributed to this Web site.

1An advisory board to the California State Fire Marshal that meets quarterly and provides a state level forum for addressing fire protection/prevention issues of statewide concern. Its membership is composed of representatives of local and county government, fire service, labor and management organizations, California Department of Forestry, Office of Emergency Services and the insurance industry.

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